For the Facebook “Yachts for Sale” integrated network of “For Sale” groups administered by The Houseboat Centre & AYB . Updated January 2020


1. AYB groups are for  AYB members to post in.

Anyone can join to see the posts, but if you post, you thereby agree to
a.Join AYB on b. Join “Yachts for sale” group c. others from

2. Only post items in groups where the title fits.

Do not SHARE any item/service into our groups from anywhere.
Use the “post to more groups” option
Do not post services, accessories or motors in BOAT groups.

3 Post your item/service in “Yachts for Sale” FIRST

“Yachts for Sale” is the only group where we welcome anything boaty for sale, in spite of the title.
If you don’t post here you will miss many viewings. All other groups only post what the title says

4. Use the “Sell Something” option.

DO NOT “start a discussion” Do not “SHARE” any post into AYB groups.
At the foot of your own post is an option to post to other groups.
That is what you should use. Only 1 post per item in any group.

5. Enter accurate “Title”, “Price” and “Location”.

Enter each where indicated. Don’t put a link in the title.
Give some useful info in TITLE eg Year, Length, Make, Model.
For LOCATION put your nearest CITY (not zip or postcode)

6. Enter a very detailed description.

Where “Description ” is indicated is where the sales enquiries are made!
Tell the truth and tell all. Here you can explain your actual price is in eg. US dollars and what other services you offer.

7. Upload at least one photo.

(even if you have used a link in your description that shows a photo !)
The more photos the more likely someone will become interested in what you are selling.

8. Now Post to other groups – and Marketplace.

Post to all groups where your item fits the group title (NB feet are not metres, ask your browser for conversions!) Take great care not to mis-post.
All Groups-

9. Service providers must post an example for sale.

Choose one example offer with price, to sell in each post (you can still add the full description of all the other services you offer in the description field) You can post many different examples.

10. Don’t post same item twice in one group

To update your post, edit it OR delete it and post again. Then check “Your Items” in top left group menu. (You CAN “Post to other groups)