Verandering is a Dutch Barge, fully converted as a comfortable residence. The vessel is 25 meters long by 4 meters wide. It has two bedrooms. The master bedroom has a fitted king size bed, with mattress and feather topper. The second bedroom is smaller and could alternatively be used as a guest room or as small office as a fitted workstation is in place. The lounge area has a comfortable sofa and comes with a projector, screen and digital TV, PVR and surround sound system. The sofa was bespoke built and folds out as a high quality sofa bed for guests. The kitchen was fitted by John Lewis and has good quality domestic type appliances including fridge, freezer, dishwasher and a high end multi‐function electric oven. Hob is electric. Central heating is oil fired. It is a ‘conventional’ and easy to use domestic central heating system though has had the burner tuned to use easily sourced red diesel. The boat has enormous volume of storage space, at least twice as much as the average London flat of a similar floor size. The bathroom has a shower, twin sinks and toilet. Toilet is a vacuum system a little like that used on an aeroplane. The pump was replaced in 2017 and it is very reliable. The sewage tank is large. There is no clothes washing machine on board – though there is sufficient room in the boiler room and the required plumbing is already in place. The boat was last surveyed in 2012 for insurance purposes. The report is available and shows the boat to be in good condition. Of particular note, when purchased in 2006, the boat then got a professional grade grit blast / epoxy paint job done in the Netherlands. Unlike most boats, Verandering has had near zero rust below the waterline since that time and I would warranty that this will have remained substantially true since the survey. This paint will protect the value of the boat for very many years to come and this substantially reduces future maintenance costs. History Verandering is a Dutch Luxemotor style barge, originally built as motor barge in 1924 in the Netherlands. She was run by the same family hauling commercial traffic across Europe until the 1980s – the historic ships documents are still with the vessel. She still has the original, vintage, single cylinder Brons engine which is in reliable working order and requires very little maintenance. The engine adds historic significance to the vessel. The boat needs redecoration and some basic repairs (thus price reduction – job list available on request) but is structurally sound. £85,000

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London, England