COVID special Earn money from NFT’s

While many normal activities are curtailed and AYB Yacht Brokers are spending more time than usual at home, with time to spare and  bills to pay, here is a possible way to turn that time to profit.

Do you wonder what all the fuss about NFT’s is about?

The Houseboat Centre research team has been on the case on your behalf to see what might be in it for you.

NFT’s are Non Fungible Tokens. They are defined digital entitities that cannot be forged or stolen. They use the same Blockchain technology as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to ensure that the real owner has secure ownership and access.

There are two ways to profit from NFT’s, obne is to buy a freshly minted NFT and wait for it to rise in value because of it’s scarcity.

The other is to create an NFT yourself, which can be costly and complex.

The AYB OpenSea project has set the course for you to create an NFT and publish it for sale, without any heavy “Gas fees”

WE have also created a dozen NFT’s for you to invest in, ensuring that the artwork is of high quality and the subjects sympathetic, without being childish cartoons. This being the best way to ensure future growth in value.

Each NFT is unique and will only have one owner (at a time). You can sell it it any time to realise your profit, which is expected to be way more than Unit Trusts or Banks can deliver.

To see what is going on at OpenSea, visit .

To buy or create NFT’s you will need a wallet account. We strongly recommend Metamask.

To proceed, go to

N.B. we strongly recommend that you use the links on this page, there are fake sites being created all the time that try to get access to your passwords, accounts and money.

download the app and connect it to your browser. (If you have been following our recommendations , you will be using Chrome browser)

Next visit and connect with your Metamask account.

Have your artwork ready to create an NFT

Have a logo (350 x 350 pixels) ready and a banner (1400 x 700 pixels)

your artwork for the NFT will be reduced to fit 361 x 271 pixels, so keep to those proportions, or just make it that size.

Now Create a Collection in OpenSea

Then Create an NFT using your Art work. Be sure to select POLYGON at this stage, this avoids paying heavy fees up front.

When you Buy one of our NFT ‘s on Open Sea,

10% goes to support AYB generally,

AYB has created a collection of 12 rare Hippopotami drawings.


Given humorous names, they are notwithstanding, superb works of art with meticulous details and vivid expressions. Precisely why they were selected as most likely to both stand the test of time and appreciate rapidly.

A joy to own, you can select  how rare you can afford to invest.

We have organised everything to enable the beginner to invest securely First you will need to create a Metamask account to deal in Etheriums and NFT’s

Here is a guide to rarity and values.

                                                                                                                 £ approx on 31/01/2022

Unique                      1 edition                       eth 2                                  £4000


Super rare                10 editions                    eth 1.75447                       £3510


Rare                         100 editions                  eth 0.41766                        £835


Limited                      1000 editions                eth  0.16687                       £334  


Special                        10000  editions            eth  0.0867                        £173


A.Y.B. for N.F.T.’s you can Trust.