48′ Leopard catamran (would suit liveaboard) puts Bitcoin on the yachting map with first ever cryptocurrency Yacht Deal

It seems inevitable that in future, some houseboats will be purchased with bitcoin, in fact, you could say it has started already.

According to prmnewswire, Bob Denison has announced that  Denison Yachts will accept Bitcoin as payment for new yachts( a first for the industry), following the completion of its first ever sale of a yacht involving Bitcoin.

Denison, which was at the forefront of the yachting industry when it announced in 2014 that it will accept Bitcoin from customers and convert it for purchases of its brokerage yachts, will also begin taking Bitcoin directly as payment for its in-stock inventory, which includes a variety of new Beneteau, Dufour and Fountaine Pajot yachts.

Denison Broker Wiley Sharp, who is based in Denison’s St. Thomas office, brokered the deal last week for a 48′ Leopard sailing catamaran in the Virgin Islands. The buyer used Coinbase to convert his bitcoins to the dollars he used to purchase the yacht.

“Bitcoin is not just a ‘millennial’ fad,” said Bob Denison. “There are Bitcoin users of all ages, across all continents buying and selling luxury goods, including cars and villas. There’s absolutely no reason why a seller should be wary of accepting Bitcoin.”

To learn more about purchasing a new yacht with Bitcoin, contact New Yachts Manager Nick Stamoulis at 954.763.3971 or .

Like Denison Yacht Sales on Facebook at Facebook.com/DenisonYachtSales and follow on Twitter at @DenisonYachtsand Instagram at @DenisonYachting.

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Houseboat, Residential, TEN YEAR transferable moorings, London Docklands. 61 sq mtr floor space on 2 decks £295,000 – Isle of Dogs

Wylam was built in 1958 by Viking Marine, Goole of 10ml steel for carrying lead between Newcastle and Hartlepool. She was decommissioned in about 1968 and used as a fully rigged ‘man of war’ in film sets. After being abandoned for some time she was used to live on and then in the late 1990s was fully converted with a new cabin, two decks and mahogany wheelhouse to her current layout.
She is a qualifying vessel. The moorings and any ship related expenses are exempt from VAT.
She comes with the moorings paid up to Dec 31st 2017. Six years to run on a 10 year fully residential renewable licence. A four-year Boat safety cert. and a recent hull survey.
A beautiful family home or corporate accommodation.

Full details and photos

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Sell or Rent out Your Boat

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3.In “What are you Selling” put

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“2 bed houseboat to Let,.Hampton Court. £600 p.m.”

4. Put the asking price in Pounds Sterling

5.Get the location right!

6.”Describe your item” relevant details about what your boat is like now. (people can message you via facebook, only put your  phone number if you don’t mind everyone knowing it) put your website address as the bottom line. This will link to your site page and increase your sites’ SEO rating.

7.add your photos.

8. DONT  click the blue POST button(bottom right) instead click the post to marketplace option alongside it & to the left

CAREFULLY select any other appropriate groups (as well as Marketplace, which should be selected for you) when you are certain all the correct target groups are ticked, THEN click the blue POST button .

(If you post the same boat manually in different groups, facebook doesnt like it!)

To maximise the viral power of advertising on Facebook,

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After 30 minutes, check www.houseboatcentre.co.uk Menu to see that it has been added to the appropriate listing page.

You can put ANY details in this group ad Email, Website links Telephone numbers and as many pictures as you like, also people can message you direct through facebook.


Now you can put a FREE ad in all the main websites that brokers use,  linking back to your original facebook advert to show your contact info and all  your pictures.

Make sure you appoint a qualified Broker

to do your conveyancing and completion.

There are many qualified professional Brokers on the web to choose from. If you chose us and placed your order online for our Broker services we’ll get right back to you to arrange a chat to make sure you fully understand the process and to decide wether or not you want to confirm  appointment of your broker (if not, any fees paid will be promptly refunded).

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Fixed Price Brokerage £1500 +VAT

Fixed Price Brokerage

Guaranteed Fixed Fee of £1500 plus VAT with NO up front Payments

NO SALE – NO FEE  / NO cancellation fees – NO upfront payments

We recommend Fixed Price Brokerage if you want your boat to be promoted in the likes of Yachtworld.com

What you get:-

  • Valuation Advice
  • Visit Boat and advise on presentation *
  • High quality photography *
  • International & UK market leading dedicated internet marine search engines
  • Professional adverts
  • Conduct viewings on your behalf*
  • Negotiation
  • Picture3Sale and Purchase contract.
  • Issue Bill of Sale
  • Check title paperwork
  • Manage financial transaction via our Barclays Client Account
  • NO SALE – NO FEE  / NO cancellation fees – NO upfront payments
  • £1500 plus vat regardless of your boats top value

* The fixed fee scheme applies to vessels within a reasonable travel area of any of our offices or our local brokers

Your Local Brokers

Your Local Brokers around the country with more being added

Suffolk & Norfolk:

Woolverstone Office: Woolverstone Marina IP9 1AS

Graham Knight +44 (0)1473 780286 – 


Bradwell Office: Bradwell Marina CM0 7RB

Mark Whitley:  +44(0)1621 776050 – +44 (0)7768 474575  

London, Thames Including the Estuary) & The South Coast:

Richmond Park Office:

Jonathan Tait-Harris +44 (0)20 8876 6257 – +44 (0)7547 042000 – 


Kent Office Area:

Joe Taylor:  +44 (0)7709 493001 – 

South West: Looe to Salcombe

South West Office Area

Mervyn Down: +44 (0)7867 987575 – 


North West:  Wales, Windermere, Liverpool & Manchester

North West Office Area

Paul Thompson: +44 (0)161 459 4225 – 


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150 Houseboat narrowboat widebeam and Canal Videos in the new Videos section

Hope you like the new videos section.

If you don’t know a widebeam from a sunbeam, here’s a video below to explain canal boat styles.

If you are new to houseboats, then these videos are an excellent way to find out about what might be available and the characteristics of different kinds of houseboats.

(Please note, some of the  houseboats shown for sale have been sold long ago.

Our lists of Houseboats for sale change every day with the high turnover.)

Certainly the conducted tours of Houseboats for sale will give you a good idea of the variety of houseboats on the market and what you might find inside.

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Over 250 listings in our new section for Narrowboats, Widebeams and canal craft

narrowboat or narrow boat is a boat built to fit the narrow canals of the United Kingdom.


The term  “narrow boat” refers to the original working boats built in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries for carrying goods on the narrow canals where locks, tunnels and bridges, would have a minimum width of 7 feet (2.13 m). In fact  some of the  locks on the Shropshire Union are even smaller. The term is extended to modern “narrowboats” used for recreation and more and more as houseboats. On the wider canals ad rivers “widebeams” up to about 15 feet wide are popular.

Our latest section “Canal and Narrowboats” lists over 270 of these fascinating vessels currently for sale.

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Dreaming of sailing on the sea ?

photo Stephen Spencer

Maybe you think it can never happen for you.. what? you don’t deserve it? Here is how it has happened and might happen for you. If you want to sail away like you dream of, you might have to consider the time of life. Before you start a family or after they have left home seems favourite. You don’t have to be single, but a couple need to be well aligned to sail away together in what is always going to seem a small space. Not got the money? you will need to be practical anyway to sail far, so how about building your yacht? Bruce Roberts has been publishing first class plans and books for the amateur boat builder on bruceroberts.com for years. Many of his designs have been built and are a credit to his vision, knowledge and experience. Maybe you can afford this from Stephen Spencer, he wrote

…..our well traveled Roberts R50. We have owned her for 12 years and know her back to front. We have sailed many thousands of miles in all weathers and lived on board all year round. We are offering her for sale now as we have commissioned a new boat so will be moving on in the summer. She is ashore for a refit at this moment. The refit has included removal and inspection of the entire rig, engine and generator, a complete re wire and re plumb, new pumps and an internal update to the galley, shower, heads and cabins.. The ketch rig and canoe stern make this a most seaworthy design

Externally the last 20 years of paint and antifoul have been removed and she is all primed up ready for new paint in the spring [what colour would you like?].

We are open to offers and will discuss finishing to your specification on 07522395666

We have a huge amount of information available on this boat so I have created a web site and am updating it every day, check it often! www.maranaf.co.uk
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Houseboat Moorings


If you are new to living afloat, And have any dependents, I strongly recommend you to buy your new home already on an established residential mooring. This means the mooring has planning permission for residential use and you have official residents status at that address, essential for bank accounts, driving licence, benefits etc.

ENSURE that there is a properly installed sewage disposal system . Static Houseboats should have motor driven pumps and connections to the onshore system. (You do not want your family and guests to be floating on raw sewage – especially if it is a tidal mooring and the sewage soaked mud is exposed twice a day)

Ensure there are adequate fire hydrants installed.  You can ask the local fire service. ( a NON-tidal mooring where water is permanently available is usually OK as the fire appliances can pump this water directly).

Ensure there is plenty of space between houseboats, more if they are higher. Just imagine a fire in one boat on one side with a wind driving the flames towards the rest of the mooring and you will have a good idea of how safe it is in case of fire.

Look to see how many Houseboats on the marina are for sale.

More than five to ten percent is a warning sign. more than twenty percent represents a queue of owners desperate to leave (for whatever reason). Furthermore it suggests it will take a very long time to sell any  static houseboat on that Mooring.

If you are continuously cruising or on a mooring that doesn’t have residential planning permission, there may be many others living on the same mooring and it is worth asking their advice as to the local situation and how things happen in that area. If you have family responsibilities, a mooring with residential planning permission has to be favourite.

(ESSENTIAL for a STATIC houseboat is a long leasehold OR Freehold Mooring.

Many lives have been shattered when their static (= unpowered) houseboat has been told their rented mooring is no longer available.

These moorings are disappearing fast due to development and you have no protection as you would in a house or caravan.

It then cost many of them thousands of pounds to have the boat towed away and broken up for scrap. Study the mooring agreement and imagine the worst case scenario – THAT is the risk you are taking. The true valuation of a Static houseboat WITHOUT a long leasehold OR Freehold Mooring is the scrap value of the weight of metal, less the cost of towing away and breaking up plus what you can get on ebay for any re-saleable contents. ) NEVER buy any houseboat without an “Out of the Water Survey” If that costs too much (get a quote first) Then it will cost too much every 4 years for maintenance and insurance survey.

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Static or Cruising, what type of boat?

Static or Cruising, what type of boat?

Where do you want to BE??

It may be your job determines the area you need to live in, or a need to be near family or friends. If so you know what area you should live in and even if you choose a Residential Cruiser, you will need a secure mooring within travelling distance of that area

But if you are retired, or can work from anywhere (maybe you work over the internet, or as an artist in studio, or you are regularly travelling all over the country to clients. ) Then you can consider a life of freedom, using the many moorings provided free on the waterways.

You can choose to be a Continuous Cruiser all year round as I have

for years.

Sometimes for a particular contract, or family reasons, choosing a suitable Marina to stay in for a few months.

I love the freedom of the river. It is kind and friendly if you treat it with proper respect, no tides to worry about, being inland there are very few harsh gales.

It feels so civilised to be able to cruise gently up to a nice Restaurant mooring, tie up and saunter in for a drink or a meal.You may well, like me, love to see grass and trees, they are always in view on the River.

Go through any town in Europe by train, you will see the worst views, go any where by boat and you will see the best views, partly because for hundreds of years, many people with the means have bought riverside land for its beauty and often made the effort to enhance that beauty with landscaping and architecture ).

Only Buy a Static houseboat if you have a Long-lease mooring or a freehold mooring….

A static houseboat gives a permanent address and a fixed journey to and from work/school/family. There are very few moorings with planning permissin for static houseboats and their numbers have dwindled over the years as houseboat “marinas” close for that business and are developed  for a more profitable market. For this reason it is important that you control the future of your mooring with a freehold or adequately long leasehold. In any case have a solicitor with experience in the field of “Riparian rights” to examine the mooring contract you are offered before you sign anything. One owner came to me heartbroken that he had bought a static houseboat on a rented mooring that the unqualified broker (who had never owned or lived in a houseboat) advertised as a “Secure residential mooring”. Went on holiday just after buyng the boat and came back to find that the mooring owner had moved him to a place where his view was blotted out by a huge three story houseboat. Ther was nothing he could do about the move. The Landlord had the right to move him.

The only recourse in such a case is to sue the broker, who is legally liable to reveal everything he knows that could affect the value of the boat. Brokers normally have professional third party liability insurance to cover such claims up to several million pounds. It still takes a lot of time, causes  lot of stress and does not give you back your dream home.

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