50 FAQ for sailing liveaboards

This was a followtheboat livestream, broadcast on the 10th Dec, 2017.

“Since you’re watching this retrospectively we have put time stamps to all the questions below, arranged in groups. In this live broadcast we answer all kinds of questions about sailing and non-sailing related issues, so there’s something for everyone.



12:30 What are the most common jobs for sailors? 14:48 What percentage of the time are you on the boat? 15:58 Best advice to get my wife out cruising? 35:33 Should I start with a smaller boat and work up?


08:30 What anchor do we use? 25:06 Would it have been better to have bought a newer boat rather than spending money on the refit? 28:40 How much time do you spend on boat maintenance? 34:34 Have you ever considered a trawler instead of a sail boat? 36:36 Have you considered an electric motor? 47:03 Refrigeration 46:20 Hunter vs Amel 48:20 How important is boat draft? 49:25 In bad weather is it best to motor, sail or heave to? 53:58 How is your Beta engine doing? 54:44 Have you picked up much speed with the new sails? 1:07:55 Is this your forever boat? 1:13:00 More refrigeration 1:15:22 An announcement about our boat refit


10:00 Are there places you visit where certain sailors are not welcome? 33:34 How do you deal with different languages? 50:50 Money and currency exchange 1:01:20 What’s the biggest surprise you’ve experienced on your travels? PERSONAL 12:50 How do you cope when you’re at odds with each other? 24:15 What are your near-future sailing plans? 30:37 How old were you when you started your liveaboard life? 38:12 Tell us about your tattoos 40:15 Which sailing channels do you watch? 56:25 Will you be cruising to the US? 57:18 Will you ever cruise the UK? 57:42 Who is the most chilled out of the two of you? 58:36 If you were starting this life over again, would you still choose to cruise? 1:03:03 Any plans to visit Australia? 1:07:40 Will you write a couples sail book?


18:22 How far behind are your vlogs from the present? 20:25 How much footage do you shoot and how much time does it take to edit and publish your vlogs? 23:20 How does vlogging affect your life? 1:05:20 How difficult is it to get internet?


35:03 Skin protection 52:25 Health and health insurance 1:12:02 Do you keep a weapon for protection?


41:56 How easy would it be to be a vegan as a liveaboard? 44:10 Is a watermaker worth the money? 1:09:00 Fishing


07:30 Explanation of the shells that appeared in our last episode 45:15 Fear of sharks 52:00 Why not use an underwater camera for observation? 1:10:00 Getting hit by lightning 1:11:00 How is the remora doing? 1:14:00 Will remoras/starfish clean the hull?

MILLIE & PETS 06:30 Would you get a companion for Millie? 21:20 MILLIE’S FIRST APPEARANCE! 54:40 MILLIE ON HER THRONE 55:45 MORE MILLIE! 1:04:10 How do you get Millie in and out of countries?”

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