Ex-Hire Craft – best buy Cruising Houseboats inland

I’ve been saying and writing for decades that GRP ex-hire craft are excellent as Residential Cruisers on the inland waterways of England.
Prices don’t have the glamour increment that attaches to prettier boats designed to sell as playthings.
But the Broads and Thames hire-boat companies have evolved solid craft, easy for first-time duffers to cruise, with full headroom throughout and all the amenities that landlubbers expect on holiday.
The hire companies know that their boats will bump into a lot of banks and other boats, so their hulls are built to take that. When a boat is actually broken by a holidaymaker, it is quickly and very strongly repaired by professionals. The repair is stronger than the original.
many as you can see here, have a hatch on the aft(back) deck where the engine is located, this keeps the smell out of the boat, the noise away from the front where the family will be when cruising and engine maintenance can be done without disturbing the occupants .

Here is where the skipper sits up front away from the motor. You just see the corner of the semi-circular bow  seat where up to 8 can sit at the front. On rainy days the forward cabin is the place to chill out.

You can see more of that semi-circular bow seat through the open front door..

The Helm (driver’s wheel, controls and seat) are just to the left in the picture above, in the living room.

Toilet kitchen and showers are robust, effective and have enough space (just) as do the bedrooms.

The engines are chosen to run permanently, reliably and with ease of access for rapid repairs. All at a discount on the secondhand market! I lived single handed on a Buccaneer Bounty 37 for a few years and never regretted the purchase.
The boat pictured is a Bounty 37 currently up for sale at £24995 with Burton Waters