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Static or Cruising, what type of boat?
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Static or Cruising, what type of boat?

Where do you want to BE??
It may be your job determines the area you need to live in, or a need to be near family or friends. If so you know what area you should live in and even if you choose a Residential Cruiser, you will need a secure mooring within travelling distance of that area
But if you are retired, or can work from anywhere (maybe you work over the internet, or as an artist in studio, or you are regularly travelling all over the country to clients. ) Then you can consider a life of freedom, using the many moorings provided free on the waterways.
You can choose to be a Continuous Cruiser all year round as I have
for years.
Sometimes for a particular contract, or family reasons, choosing a suitable Marina to stay in for a few months.
I love the freedom of the river. It is kind and friendly if you treat it with proper respect, no tides to worry about, being inland there are very few harsh gales.
It feels so civilised to be able to cruise gently up to a nice Restaurant mooring, tie up and saunter in for a drink or a meal.You may well, like me, love to see grass and trees, they are always in view on the River.
Go through any town in Europe by train, you will see the worst views, go any where by boat and you will see the best views, partly because for hundreds of years, many people with the means have bought riverside land for its beauty and often made the effort to enhance that beauty with landscaping and architecture ).

Only Buy a Static houseboat if you have a Long-lease mooring or a freehold mooring....

( extract from The Houseboat Book by D Greenaway. If you want to read the full text click here. )

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Dave Searby Mason says:
Hello. I cannot see an email so will leave a message here. I just bought the book but was not directed to a download page. Can you please send me a link.? Dave Mason
12/09/2015 08:37 AM
David Greenaway says:
Hello Dave, very sorry about this, we have now sent you the book. (there seems to have been an unusual glitch in the system that meant we got none of the several notifications that normally arise from each order.) Hope you enjoy reading the Houseboat Book now that you have your copy !
06/02/2016 08:38 AM


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