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YOU'VE never lived on a Houseboat before? Order the Houseboat Book, read the book first, then


~Everything you ever wanted to know about Houseboat living but didn't dare to ask!

~ That's right, YOU make an appointment and get a free interview discussing all the ins and outs of houseboat living.






planning permission,

secure residential moorings,

how to buy a boat.

What about finance?

How long does it take?

Will the boat sink?

or let the rain in? etc etc


Act now if you are thinking of selling your house etc and moving on to a houseboat for the first time.

Talk to the expert, he claims to be a State-Registered Boat-Maniac (Tongue in cheek),

to have lived on houseboats for over 35 years - made most of the mistakes and to be keen to help others avoid them.

We ask that you prepare by purchasing and  reading "The Houseboat Book " first, then you can book your free , no-obligation, interview  ~ You can call The Houseboat Centre on 020 3287 2977 to make the appointment, or have a chat about the boats you like.

 If you already have your houseboat, or can't manage the interview, you can still get THE HOUSEBOAT BOOK here.

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