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    (This is the fourth post in the series, I am planning to build a racy looking, modern solar electric day boat for hull speed cruising in inland waterways.)

    In the UK, the Boat Safety Scheme requires that all unsealed or open‐vented batteries must be stored within a ventilated space.
    “Dedicated battery spaces or boxes for unsealed or open‐vented batteries must be ventilated at the top or the highest point of the sides of the space or box and any ductwork used must run horizontally or upwards.
    The ventilation pathway from all battery storage locations must lead to the outside of the hull or superstructure”.

    I am using a sealed battery.

    Cheap Xanax Pills

    Sealed Gel Deep discharge battery made for solar installations

    Obviously you have to comply with manufacturers requirements. In addition, all UK boats have to comply with the need to secure against movement “All battery boxes, cradles, frameworks etc, must be free of signs of movement or possible movement. All batteries must be incapable of movement in excess of 10mm in any direction.
    NOTE – restraint against vertical movement is generally required. However batteries may be secured by
    means of a cradle or framework sufficient to ensure batteries remain secure under any condition up to 45˚ to the horizontal. Recesses, cradles or frameworks extending to half the height of the battery meet this allowance.”

    I use crimped tags for connecting cables, if you haven’t used them before, youtube videos will show you how.

    They come in different sizes, so get the right size for your main battery cables.Xanax Australia Buy

    You will also need twin cable multi-strand 12 volt wire, a lot of smaller crimping tags ( male and female)  a battery isolator (switch), insulator tape and cable supports.

    Xanax Prescription Online Doctor

    Some basic bits for connecting 12v electrics.

    When you have determined exactly where each electrical item will go, you can start cutting your 12 volt wire to length.

    I do one unit  at a time, make sure it works and then secure it in place.

    First item to get installed was my fused switch panel. I put male connectors on the items and female connectors on the cables.

    This first cable to the switch panel from the battery was just clamped to the battery terminals for testing ( – fun to see the little blue lights glowing on each of the switches ).

    When I knew that worked I wrapped enough plastic insulating tape around the exposed metal of the tags to prevent contact between them.

    Next I removed the cabin light and connected it in the same way. replacing it carefully using my original screw-holes.

    ( I had fitted it to check that it was a visually acceptable disguise for the hole in the dash, left when the steering control mount was removed).

    I’ve ordered some cable clips from who have some pretty good prices, this is my trial order to see what they are like.

    Buying Xanax Over The Counter In Mexico

    Self-adhesive cable clips ordered from

    I’ll carry on with the other items next and let you know how I get on, in the next post for this project.

    Can You Get Xanax Prescription Online        Alprazolam 1Mg Online

    Buy Xanax Cod

    Alprazolam Bars Online

      (This is the third post in the series, I am planning to build a racy looking, modern solar electric day boat for hull speed cruising in inland waterways.)

      I’ve already mentioned the airbed and the cabin light in the previous post.

      Most items are essential, others, like the cabin light are fitted to cover a hole or blemish which to restore properly would take a lot of careful time effort and skill. This is not a restoration project and the professional boat builders aren’t going to follow this project.

      I probably won’t use navigation lights for my intended daytime cruising on the local lake, but a neat little black cased unit will cover a couple of screw-holes on the foredeck. Maybe they were for navigation lights originally.

      Some more serious holes above the dash will be covered by a waterproof bluetooth speaker system, which means that I or any guest can play favourite music direct from their smartphone.Uk Xanax Buy

      More holes on the foredeck will be covered by a horn. I chose this budget black horn with PA mike included. It is very loud. Visiting children will love the extra emergency service wail options and the bright coloured buttons on the mike.

      Xanax Online Cheap

      I’ll be replacing the existing sump drain and plug and the grab handle above the dash portside.

      A fused switch panel will cover most holes left by the original engine control. Also provides 12v socket and 5v usb’ for smartphones and the Speaker unit.

      Alprazolam Tablets Online Purchase

      The labels above the switches not included but each switch has a car type fuse

      The original windshield is missing, leaving a neat curved shelf with a lot of ugly screw holes.

      I considered a new windshield, quite tricky to get the shape right and curved windshields need special plastic of just the right thickness which won’t scratch easily nor go yellow in sunlight.

      But we are only going to be cruising at hull speed with a low powered electric motor, so we don’t need one.

      I pulled the rubber door lining strip out of a car my wife had crashed previously and found it was exactly the right length and width to cover the ledge and the holes. I hope it is going to look as if it is a piece of trim, meant to be there- we shall see.

      This is not a sea-going boat, nor a child’s inflatable rowboat. It is somewhere in between and the quality of rebuild only needs to be appropriate to it’s intended use, however, two items are essential, a set of lifejackets and a decent bilge pump. My pump has a float switch and manual override.

      Anchor, warp and mooring lines are also essential.

      I have a set of inflatable seats on order from China, keeping weight and cost down. Also useable on the bank when you moor up.

      Online Xanax Prescription Doctors

      [Chinaman not included ! 😉 ]

      The battery is an interesting question. In fact, you can take a car battery that no longer has the power to start a car and find that it will work with your motor, just not for very long before it needs a recharge, frequent use will then kill the battery.

      I’m using a new purpose built deep discharge battery rated at 120 ampere hours.

      The deep discharge batteries have thicker lead plates and will take a lot of use and recharging.

      If you can get a large bus or lorry battery that won’t start a bus anymore, that might work OK for a while if you are strapped for cash.

      Flexible 100w 12v solar panel and 50 amp controller. I reckon that at low speeds on a sunny day more power will be generated by the sun than used by the motor. As many of you will know, higher speeds use disproportionally higher power, so highest power will flatten the battery without giving a fair return on speed. Simply put  the size of your wake, or the ripples your boat makes is the amount of energy you have wasted moving water instead of boat. The whole rationale of this project is that most pleasure is gained cruising silently, gently and slowly while you appreciate the beauty of the water and the countryside around. This fits in perfectly with the need to conserve battery energy. Of course, for many users, the battery will charge up fully during the working week and be used at the weekend.

      Order Xanax From Canada

      50 amp version means I won’t be using full speed.

      The motor is designed for fishermen and is an electric outboard with a wireless remote speed and steering controller. Most of these outboards are designed and shaped to bolt onto the bow of a boat and pull it along. But Haswing provide a  transom mount version which is what I plan to use. My local supplier tells me his crate from China will arrive by December. Haswing also sell a transom conversion unit so you could buy that and the normal bow mount electric outboard. These are called trolling motors by anglers (Trolling is when you pull a spinning bait slowly on a line behind a boat).

      So I hope to use a Haswing 12V  Cayman T 55lb –  with wireless control when my suppliers crate comes in.

      How To Buy Xanax From Canada

      haswing-cayman-t-55lb-trolling-motor. The remote control is hand sized .


      Mount: Transom mount

      Prop: 3 blade

      Max Thrust: 55 pounds

      Boat Usage: Up to 16 feet

      Water Usage: Fresh or saltwater

      Nominal Volts: 12 volts

      Weight: 16 kg

      Warranty: 12 months

      Max Sound Level: 55 db

      Prop Speed at Full Power:Max. 900 rpm underwater

      Speeds: Continuously variable speed control

      Steering: wireless remote control            ( and foot control optional)

      Shaft Material: Aluminum alloy

      Max Current Draw: 55 amps

      Recommended Battery: Deep cycle 12 volt, 115 amp-hour capacity


      Where To Order Xanax Online Forum

      Alprazolam Bars Online

        (This is the second post in the series, I am planning to build a racy looking, modern solar electric day boat.) 

        Scour the internet and local ads for speedboats  and day-boats for sale.

        You won’t need the outboard engine, controls, steering seats or floor, so you can save by buying a boat in need of work.

        Seek for a sound and good looking GRP boat with the gelcoat in as good a condition as you choose to afford.

        I went for a 1980’s Classic, the Tema Superstar from Germany. The owner had found her in a graveyard in Germany and brought it home to work on with two friends, who then decided to emigrate. So he decided to sell.

        I went to see it in his storage shed.

        Buy Cheap Alprazolam Online

        Tema Superstar in owners shed before purchase.

        It is the sort of boat that looks fast even when it is standing still and has a dramatic yellow and black colour scheme. The hull is sound, there is a registration  number on each side.


        Tema Marine “SuperStar” 35979-A    specifications

          3.75 metres = 12 feet

        1.44 metres = 4′ 8″  130 kg

        Built 1980

        recommended for up to 30 HP

        no controls

        no steering wheel

        Steering wheel mount in place.


        Back in my garage, she had a wash down with the Karcher spray and detailed measurements made.

        The owner had told us he had removed a rotted covered foam lining to the floor. After cleaning out the floor I decided to keep weight down and avoid rot and awkward fitting. A little research revealed a double airbed designed to fit inside the back of a car. It beds into the floor area very well, costing £80 delivered.

        Alprazolam 1Mg Buy Online

        Mattress intended for cars can fold up the sides towards the bow.

        Divided into segments allowing it to be used as seating, I decided it was worth experimenting with.

        Removing the steering mount was heavy work, but I want to keep the weight down as much as possible.

        Extra weight costs battery hours !

        Minimalist power management means you can achieve your objective with a simple basic solar system.

        The hole left by the steering wheel mount was covered by a round 12 volt led car cabin light, mine is black to match the dashboard. There is a wide variety to choose from on ebay. Just make sure you choose a wide enough diameter for your hole!

        Alprazolam Rx Online

        Cabin light slighter wider than the steering mount hole it covers.

        I have polished the gelcoat with lambswool and compound and removed and repainted the bow deck stripes.

        You must buy your boat, with the amount of this sort of work you are prepared to do, in mind.

        It is OK to try new skills and there is a lot of advice and demonstration available on Youtube.

        If you are going to buy extra work for yourself, study the appropriate videos first and make sure you know what is going to be involved before you buy. It is going to take you a lot longer, in most cases, than the guy in the video, but this is planned as a Winter project.

        Next post will include more design details and considerations.



        Order Xanax Online India

        Alprazolam Bars Online

          Alprazolam Online Shopping - Xanax Online Nz

          This applies to many houseboats (especially, of course, the “Static” ones!)

          On quiet inland waters it is great to be able to take family an friends out (in good weather) to enjoy life afloat.

          I was at Shepperton in the Summer and really enjoyed a cruise in a 1930’s Slipper launch which had been converted to Battery power.

          Buy Real Alprazolam

          Replacement electric engine seen through forward hatch of Swallow

          Quietly and silently gliding over the water it is easy to tune in the harmony of nature and relaxed, civilised conversation is so much easier then over an outboard racket or while rowing.

          So the idea developed, build an economical electric inland dayboat for cruising with family and friends.

          Our first Andrews Slipper launch was a real success, with it’s original quiet watercooled Ford petrol engine, bought specifically so wife and baby could cruise from Taggs Island to Kingston-on-Thames with our son in a large traditional pram, buy all the shopping and cruise back in comfort and safety.

          Buy Xanax Eu

          Slipper Launch Ilona alongside Houseboat Iona

          We loved the cruising characteristics and it proved to have an added bonus, simply place crying son in Slipper Launch, cruise round the Island and you have a quietly sleeping baby ! Worked every time.

          That particular Slipper Launch subsequently became the favourite leisure pastime of Michael Parkinson, who had the boat restored and name changed from “Ilona” by the famous Peter Freebody.

          Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online

          Parky helps david Walliams out of the Thames, in the launch that soothed our boy to sleep.

          Enough of the past, I invite you to join me and build (or,at least, assemble) a racy looking, modern solar electric day boat.

          After due consideration I decided to use  a classic 80’s grp speedboat and incorporate digital electronic steering and control, 12v 125 A/Hr gel battery and a 100 watt flexible solar panel with suitable controller.

          In the next post you will see the chosen boat to be converted.







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