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  1. Statistical FACT

A Houseboat ad on The Houseboat Centre makes your Houseboat more likely to sell faster.

Financial FACT 

A Houseboat  ad on The Houseboat Centre website is only £5

(brokers £4/mo)

Enough of Facts, Time to ACT !  Buy Gador Xanax

Both private sellers and Yacht Brokers can add each of their Houseboats for sale

Or for RENT

After 12 great years, The Houseboat Centre website has been completely redesigned.
The reason is that internet buying has changed completely in the last two years.
The leading force for change, growing in sales produced, faster than any other, is – –


So we are integrating with facebook, establishing links and feeds which means that adverts tend to be spread virally between people with an interest in Houseboats.


Check out our Articles

  • Ex-Hire Craft – best buy Cruising Houseboats inland
FFQ Report

Frequently Forgotten Questions when buying a Houseboat.


The Houseboat Centre part of the "Yachts for Sale" Interlinked network of facebook groups administered by AYB


We can take your Houseboat affairs to the next level

The Houseboat Book 01

Everything you ever wanted to know about houseboats, but were afraid to ask.

Boat Buyers in-depth expert personal interview 02

Once you have read the Houseboat Book, have a free interview via telephone or Skype. An in depth question and answer session enabling us to give personalised recommendations as to what to look for in a houseboat and or moorings to suit you as well as your chance to ask any questions.

Spend more time doing what you love. 03

Social Media management is beoming more important and more complex. Most sizeable companies have a dedicated department. Luckily we've cracked the problem with our interlinked network of Houseboat Groups on Facebook, so you get the benefit in the fastest possible time.


See what package suits best for you

£ 5 /3 months

Your Houseboat Advert

Get started Now! You have the base

  • Your houseboat details with your photos.
  • We post to all our appropriate groups within the "Houseboats" network of interlinked facebooks groups which is administered by The Houseboat Centre
£ 9.95 /Various Options

The Houseboat Book

All about Houseboat Living and Buying

  • The Houseboat Book 14 Chapters that will give you new insights into life afloat Benefit from my experiences during a lifetime of living in Houseboats. NEW edition for 2018 [highlights the danger of a price crash for static houseboats bought without freehold or keasehold moorings] ....................Do You dream of living in a Houseboat?… are you paralysed by doubts and lack of knowledge… are you prepared to let your dreams fade away?
£ 5 /month

Houseboat Brokers/Estate Agents

Cost Effective Targeted Advertsing

  • ALL your listings
  • Presented to Houseboat Buyers
  • Acess to the "Houseboats" network of interlinked facebook groups administered by The Houseboat Centre.
Xanax Uk Online